The perfect addition for your dining table. Want to use fresh flowers? Don't worry, the vases come with a glass insert.

Welcome to the Family. Each design comes with a special texture  — this is the Bloz one.

Blend of colours. A blissful fusion of unexpected tones.

This special edition of our Bloz Vases is 3D printed using a unique material that creates a dramatic and captivating object.

Sheyn’s Picks. Those vases are our favourites — and we are sure that you will love them too.

Pairing is caring​​. We know you love them, so why not get those vases as a set?

You can pick the perfect colour combination and also save on the price.

The power of smallness. Tiny Architecture.

Sheyn Homeware is designed and 3D printed in our studio in Vienna. Each surprisingly light and sturdy shape is made from sustainable, renewable and recyclable materials and constructed from thousands of tiny patterns that provide structural integrity and touchable texture.

Shop by Size. We organised our vases by hight — so you can pick the perfect one for you.

Smallness. Our beautiful 14 cm vases:

Elegant proportions. Slim 16 cm vases:

When size matters. Our signature 20 cm vases:

More than 15 hours on the printer. Our 30 cm Vases: