Sheyn. Light

Tiny architecture for home.

Homeware. Designed & 3D printed in Vienna.

Ecologically Friendly

Our products are made from natural ingredients, with little to no waste.

Fully Digital

Each design is rendered with state of the art 3D modeling tools.

Uniquely Minimalist

All our designs are contemporary — minimalist without being boring.

Featured in. We’re excited the world’s biggest design magazines love our creations.

Colourfulness. Colour makes every little thing unique – understanding different is beautiful, and beautiful is Sheyn.


The Edge Collection. A queer celebration of colour & form.

A fated collaboration that celebrates the true spirit of queer creativity — “The Edge Collection” by 2LG Studio X Sheyn. Crossing borders and breaking boundaries, this series of 3D printed designs embodies the essence of queerness and intimacy.

Sheyn x 2LG Bulbous Taupe New


Sheyn x 2LG Touch Vase Blue New



Smallness. We obsess over finding beauty in small places – getting details right. 

Sheyn Interior Moods 03 2023 DSC06181 ©Sellerie Studio Square


Built layer by layer, like love.

Sheyn Interior Moods 04 2024 High Res DSC06980 ©Sellerie Studio – Square


Colourful and unexpected.

Sheyn Interior Moods 03 2023 DSC06664 ©Sellerie Studio Square

Bowls & Planters

Low geometries, high aesthetics.

Sheyn Interior Moods 03 2023 DSC06202 ©Sellerie Studio Square


For a brighter future.

Sheyn Lighting. Now you can look forward to a bright future — check out our lamp designs.​ 

A collection of lamps designs that enhance our 3D printed designs, enabling their forms and textures to literally shine in a completely new light.

Goodness. We strive for the very highest levels of quality – pushing the limits of technology and craft.

Ilija I.
One of the most innovative and interesting brands to watch. Their design is simple and divine - absolutely recommended!
Zozo H.
Wunderschöne Vasen und die Beratung war top — nicht aufdringlich und trotzdem präsent.
Lioba G.
Big fan of my Sheyn vase — the design is so unique & I love the color! So cool that these are actually 3D-printed

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