Benkl Stool


A 3D printed concrete stool following one continuous organic fluid surface that forms all functional parts of the stool and creates a “one piece object”. The thick 3D printed layers emphasize the fabrication technology used for Benkl and give it a rocky look and texture.

Weight30 kg
Dimensions450 × 450 × 450 mm

3D printed Concrete

Made in



Made to order and ships in 15 business days.


3D-printed concrete by UNIQUM

Made layer by layer. Like love.

Made in Vienna

Sheyn Homeware is designed and 3D printed in our studio in Vienna. Every piece is individually made. That means there’s no waste and our customers have their choice of colors to match any interior.

Layers of Cornstarch

Each surprisingly light and sturdy shape is made from thousands of patterns that provide structural integrity and touchable texture. With 100% PLA, made from corn, every piece is sustainable & recyclable.