Peter Mairhofer x Sheyn

Peter Mairhofer x Sheyn

Peter 1
Picture by Glauber Bassi
Our first male ring Peter is the outcome of a design collaboration between Peter Mairhofer, an emerging model originally from Innsbruck, Austria and Sheyn . The goal was to find a common language that brings the values of Sheyn seen from the eyes of a young model who is deeply involved in the fashion world and has a vision about design. The result is a pure and elegant shape with a versatile look, produced with innovative materials.

Introducing Peter Mairhofer

When did your career as a model start?

My career as a model started at the age of 16 in my hometown Innsbruck, when I was approached by a designer. After being in front of the camera for the first time, I knew that I wanted to be a model. But just being a model like many others was never really my goal – I wanted to be the best. I knew that the way to get there would be rocky and difficult, but still, my ambition to reach that goal has driven me forward for years. Step by step I got better and better, also with the help of photographers and other creative minds in the industry. In the end, however, you are on your own and you have to fight alone.

When was the point you told yourself: now it is time to move to a big city!

When an agency in Munich invited me to work with them, I knew that the time will come sooner or later to leave behind my beloved mountains and my family and to go out into the world. The first editorials and major fashion shows brought me more and more experience, enough to prepare me for bigger challenges. But before these could come, I had to complete something else – my apprenticeship as a hairdresser. It was very important for me to have a degree and I still had three years left. When one of the best agencies in Italy contacted me to work for them in Milan, I knew that I had to complete my apprenticeship as quickly as possible. After one and a half years of intensive work I finished my degree and two months later I packed my bags and left Austria.

Peter 2
Picture by Glauber Bassi
How did the new city welcome you?

The first few months in Milan were a hard time. I didn’t even really know how to walk the runway properly and had to compete with top models from all over the world. I had to accept some defeats, but with much patience, ambition and spirit, I came closer and closer to my goal of becoming the best. In the meantime I have made a name for myself, traveling the world and run for Milan Fashion Week. I finally live my dream as a full-time model.

Did the life and the rhythm of the big city change something for you?

The road to success was hard, but over the years, I’ve realized that the road also comes to you when you believe in yourself. Despite my life in big cities like Milan, London, Paris or Shanghai, I have always remained the same person I used to be. A nature boy, an animal lover and a person who appreciates the little things. I am very grateful to have grown up in a small village in nature, because it taught me to be down to earth and to also be happy without the glamour and luxurious life of a model. My goal of being one of the world’s most famous models is still deep within me, as is my will to always stay true to myself.