Imperfectly beautiful

We all make mistakes — and so do our printers.
We design and build for a more sustainable future — that’s why we keep aside each product that is not perfectly printed, but still fully functional. Now these imperfectly printed designs can be yours – because even though they have small printing mistakes, they are still beautiful. We just have a very small stock of these vases. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up before they are gone! 🙂
SALE ZAYL 247g Vase Lark Beige PNG 1
SALE Bloz 144g Vase Olive
SALE FALD 169g Charcoal PNG 2
SALE Zayl 114g Vase Charcoal
SALE ZAYL 129g Vase Grape Compote PNG 2

Are you all about perfection?

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