Category is? Vases, bowls, lamps and more!

Fancy a new eye-catching piece for your home? Here you can find our 3D-printed homeware products.
Sheyn Interior Moods 03 2023 DSC06181 ©Sellerie Studio Square


Built layer by layer, like love.

Sheyn Interior Moods 03 2023 DSC06664 ©Sellerie Studio Square

Bowls & Planters

Low geometries, high aesthetics.

Sheyn Interior Moods 03 2023 DSC06202 ©Sellerie Studio Square


For a brighter future.

Sheyn Home Betonobjekte 010


Printed, not poured.

Blend of colours. A blissful fusion of unexpected tones.

This special edition of our Bloz Vases is 3D printed using a unique material that creates a dramatic and captivating object.

What’s new at Sheyn? Be one of the first to get one of our future classics.

Sheyn Lighting. Forms and textures that literally shine in a completely new light. 


Want to see them all?. Check out our full homeware collection here. 

All products from our Sheyn Homeware Collection are designed and 3D printed in our studio in Vienna.
Sheyn x 2LG Touch Vase Blue New


Zayl 34g Mezuzah Graphite


 39,00 45,00
Sheyn x 2LG Bulbous Taupe New


Zayl 30g Mezuzah Mosaic Blue


 39,00 45,00
HOYT 29g Mezuzah Olive PNG


 39,00 45,00