The Edge Collection. A queer celebration of colour and form.

A fated collaboration that celebrates the true spirit of queer creativity — “The Edge Collection” by 2LG Studio X Sheyn. Crossing borders and breaking boundaries, this series of 3D printed designs embodies the essence of queerness and intimacy.

Bulbous. Unapologetically phallic, the complex curves of this design are undeniable and irresistible.

A fresh take on a staple form in art and design history, this ‘bulbous’ vase is a playful statement piece for your home — ribbed for your pleasure.

The Flare Vases. Begging to be filled with flowers, a droopy tulip draped over the flared rim is a thing of beauty.

Bulbous or Touch? A fresh take on staple forms in art and design history —  playful statement pieces for your home.

Dissolving the walls between form and function, these vases become more than just decorative pieces — they are unapologetic embodiments of inclusivity, acceptance, and belonging.
Sheyn x 2LG Bulbous Taupe New


Sheyn x 2LG Touch Vase Blue New