Blend Edition

A surprising fusion of colours for our favourite Bloz Vases

Unexpected blend of colours. Different from anything you have seen before.

This special edition of our Bloz Vases is 3D printed using a unique material that creates a dramatic colour transition. This blissful blend of colours emphasises the movement trapped in the design of the vases and creates a captivating object that looks different from anything you have seen before.

Our two Blend Colours. Inspired by tasty things — you will want to take a bite.

Sheyn x MADE Bloz LE Texture Square


 A beautiful blending from green to magenta can create a stunning and eye-catching color palette object that is perfect as the center piece of a space.
Bloz Blend Cotton Candly Texture 1

Cotton Candy

A blending from pink to yellow can create a fun and cheerful color scheme that adds a touch of brightness and warmth to your flat.

We have your new obsession. Check out our best selling vase in our Blend Colours.


The power of smallness. Tiny Architecture

Sheyn Homeware is designed and 3D printed in our studio in Vienna. Each surprisingly light and sturdy shape is constructed from thousands of tiny patterns that provide structural integrity and touchable texture. With 100% PLA, material made from corn, every piece is sustainable, renewable and recyclable.