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Sheyn de la Crème

This is an overview of the curated designs our customers love the most. Have a look and pick your favourite — or go ahead and have a look at our full product range.

When size matters

Kolner 622g Vase

The Kolner designs are inspired by the classic ruff collar. The pattern creates regular connected loops that convey a great depth when viewed from the side. Additionally, the structure allows for a very wide and robust design.

The one that everyone wants​

Bloz 144g Vase

The Bloz design family has an asymmetrical and blob-like shape, looking different from every angle. The design is pulled down by gravity, making it appear heavy while it is still surprisingly light.

We all need texture

Characterised by architectural pillars that change their width as they adapt along the organic shapes of the objects – the Zayl texture is our most popular texture. Its vases are unique sturdy product with dynamic textures that appear to be always in a constant movement.